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I was very, very impressed with the course. Really showed me what I need to work on, as well as the proper way to use a firearm in defense. It was very informative and well organized and your real world applications just made it that much better. I was very happy with the entire course and the way it was taught. I've got a couple people I'm trying to convince to take a Concealed Carry course and if they do decide your name is at the very top of my list.

Thank you very much for the time and instruction you gave me and I'm confident my skills will be sharpened and fine tuned with the instruction you provided. Again, thank you very much.


Nick S. - Concealed Carry Student

The class was invaluable, particularly for someone like me who was not raised around firearms. Your emphasis on technique was extremely helpful. That is the kind of feedback most shooters never get and is probably why they blame the gun when the target shot is off.
I will be happy to circulate your name and class. Thanks again for showing how to do it right.
HM - Concealed Carry Student
the class was awesome, and our Counselor was the best I have come across. The course content was wonderful and informative as expected from USCCA. You, as the Instructor, made it more engaging. Being that I was already an NRA Certified Instructor, even I learned a few more things.I recommend Time 2 Survive for Instructor Certification.
NK - USCCA Certified Instructor course