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IL Concealed Carry

Illinois Concealed Carry Certification. Our 16 hour (Saturday/Sunday) Curriculum is designed to help you achieve the ability to handle  firearms with confidence and to navigate the laws and legal restrictions of IL FCCL while maintaining your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones.  This material is taught by our Chief Instructor who will interpret and teach the use of force statutes.  This course will also cover material on threat assessment, situational awareness, Victim selection, 

psychological and physiological reactions to combat stress, survival mindset, CQB initiatives, scaling force, legal and personal aftermath,  and much more. One day 8 hour for Veterans. Cost $75 per student. The two day 16 hour class. Cost $150 per student. Completion of ether course would qualify you to obtain an Illinois FCCL.

Advanced Defensive Pistol

This class picks up where the concealed carry class stops.

Our 8 hour class covers Advance tactics for close quarter response,

Situational Awareness, Survival Mindset, Survival Reaction Time, holster deployment drills, Empty Hand Tactics ie;  hand to hand, tactics for empty hand vs. edged weapons, blunt weapons,  gun retention and disarms. Shoot Don’t Shoot scenarios. Live fire close quarter tactics with a pistol,  live fire engage moving targets, shoot until the threat stops scenario targets as well as the Shooting Aftermath; what to do and what not to do.

Each student will receive individual critiquing on basic and advanced fundamentals taught in class and the range. Certificate upon completion.

Cost $100 per student.

3 hr. Concealed Carry  Renewal Classes

This is the required course to renew your concealed carry permit. It will include classroom refresher information and a live fire qualification.  Cost is $40 per student. Must have valid CCL permit.

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